How our security systems are prepared to protect in a constantly evolving protocol

Upgradability, the Conduit for Innovation

At this stage of early growth, zkSync is a rapidly evolving protocol, which requires the zkSync protocol to remain upgradable. If we were to give up upgradability, it would require all users and developers to withdraw and deposit to migrate into the new version every six months. …

Banxa integration of zkSync will offer access to the industry-leading zero-knowledge scaling protocol, accelerating secure access to Layer 2 (L2) for the Ethereum network

Banxa, the world’s first listed payment service provider (PSP) and RegTech platform for the digital assets industry will integrate its fiat on-ramp platform with zkSync’s wallet.

Banxa will eliminate the expensive intermediate step of depositing and withdrawing through Ethereum mainnet by supporting direct fiat onramp and offramps to zkSync’s Layer…

An updated approach to navigating the balance between security and upgradability

In May, we announced our 3-Factor Approach to security, which included the creation of a security council that could shorten our 4-week upgrade timelock to 3 days in cases of critical bugs. After an internal reassessment, we have decided to change the parameters of the security council.

Back to the root problem!

During the initial…

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